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Photo by Thought Catalog / Unsplash

Over the years, I had a few opportunities to contribute my thinking & knowledge to a few books, which you can find below.

Building a European Public Space

Published by iRights Media (a digital think tank), this book outlines a vision for a common European digital space. I contributed my vision for regional, sustainable, and federated cloud infrastructure which would underpin such a digital space. You can read a 3-part series on the topic on the SDIA blog.

Summary of the book: The disruptive transformation of the “public” through digitization has led to monopolizing structures on the Internet that make Europe dependent – both at an infrastructural level and politically – on non-European private and state players. At the same time, these structures undermine our democratic order. This book shows how the current crisis could boost our chances of breaking new ground by establishing an independent European Digital Public Space. The contributors are academics, actors from public and non-commercial media, and long-time activists in the field of the Commons.

Data Centre Essentials

Published by Wiley. Sophia and Vincent asked me to contribute a chapter on the role of ICT equipment and the historic development of the IT sector and how it shaped data center design to the book.

Summary of the book: Data Centre Essentials is a comprehensive survey of the essential principles of data centre design, construction and operation. It is designed to provide those involved in a data centre project or providing professional service deliverables to the data centre industry but do not have a technical background or deep sector experience with the understanding required to participate in such projects. The non-technical language and thorough engagement with key considerations make it ideal for anyone looking to understand one of the pillars of a digital society.

Bits & Bäume 2023

For the Bits & Bäume 2023 publication, together with Arne Tarara and Stefan Kruijer, we contributed an article titled "Transparency for software and climate impact - concepts towards a life cycle assessment of software.". You can download the publication here. Our article is on page 38.