The next chapter for the Alliance

The next chapter for the Alliance
Photo by Ross Findon / Unsplash

This article was published when I stepped down as the CEO and returned my focus to the execution of the Roadmap.

It took the SDIA one year to form itself and get funding in place to start building an organization. It took another year to make our plan - our roadmap - for a sustainable digital economy. And another to define our role in executing this plan and build the infrastructure to do so. Now we enter the next phase, from building the organization & system of change to scaling it and driving a measurable reduction in environmental & societal impact while creating new economic opportunities.

With this phase change inevitably must come a leadership change. The organization itself requires a different skill to grow it further, to strengthen both the team and the individuals as well as grow our impact. Therefore I am very happy to step out of the role of the CEO and bring someone more suited for the next phase to follow in my steps - Daan Terpstra. He will scale and mature the organization, the Alliance, our members and our team, taking us to the next level.

I have always known that I am builder - creating strategy, business models, new ideas and bringing them to life. This capability will now be brought to the execution of our roadmap, creating the solutions that will enable a sustainable digital economy, together with our members. I will focus all of my energy on moving the roadmap forward, together with our team, and with the oversight of our members as part of the steering groups.

I very much look forward to this challenge, to make an impact and to gain new perspectives, to work with you, our members, our teams, the research community, governments on creating something truly amazing: An economy that drives growth and wealth creation with no negative impact on society and the environmental. I truly believe in the digital era, in the 4th industrial revolution, in the future and I am glad to be part in shaping it for my children.